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The Sandelin Designs Guide to Modern Calligraphy

Now Available for purchase!

This workbook contains absolutely everything I know about modern calligraphy; after all, art is not selfish. I’ve held nothing back (except for flourishing tips, which will be the subject of my second workbook!). Years of training and knowledge have gone into these pages, from things I’ve learned on my own the hard way, to tips I’ve picked up from Master Penmen. It's the book I wish I'd had starting out!



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PRivate artists' Workshops

Small Private Workshops & One-On-One Instruction


Itching to learn a new skill, or take your calligraphy to the next level? Gather your friends for a private workshop or set up a one-on-one lesson with Sandelin Designs to learn everything you need to get started and advance your skills. With extensive experience teaching (both calligraphy as well as Linguistics to university undergraduates), I will teach you everything I know about calligraphy, holding nothing back -- after all, art isn't selfish! 

Drop me a line with your thoughts and I’ll get back to you with a custom quote!

Not in the Bay Area but interested in learning? Let's talk!