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The Sandelin Designs Guide to Modern Calligraphy

This workbook contains absolutely everything I know about modern calligraphy; after all, art is not selfish. I’ve held nothing back (except for flourishing tips, which will be the subject of my second workbook!). Years of training and knowledge have gone into these pages, from things I’ve learned on my own the hard way, to tips I’ve picked up from Master Penmen. It's the book I wish I'd had starting out!


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How Can I Help You Bring Your Idea to Life?


Whether you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, or just an inkling of what could be, I’m here to make it happen! Calligraphy and design are my passion -- I love creating beauty where there was once blank paper.

Oddly enough, it took a Master's Degree in Linguistics and two years as a data analyst before I became a calligrapher.

But really, if Linguists love words, wouldn't you want one as your calligrapher?


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