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About Sandelin Designs

Sandelin Designs is a calligraphy and design business in Oakland, California, specializing in flourished, traditional calligraphic styles and minimalist, modern designs. Owner and founder Nina Sandelin Umont is well-versed in both digital and analog techniques, and is passionate about creating beauty where there was once blank paper.

Sandelin Designs has been featured in Ceremony Magazine and Inspired By This, and was awarded The Knot's Best of Weddings for 2018.


About Nina Sandelin Umont

Have you ever gotten so far down one path in life without questioning why you're traveling down that path, or if you're even enjoying the journey to begin with? It took a Master’s degree in Linguistics and two years as a data analyst for me to realize that numbers and science are not my passion; I was meant to create. 

So here I am -- finally! -- running a creative business out of a 101-year-old Craftsman in North Oakland, and living with my French Canadian husband and our bouncing baby cat. I’ve studied traditional calligraphy with four Master Penmen, teach modern calligraphy workshops at Anthropologie and Co. regularly, and have worked on projects ranging from bespoke stationery to tattoo designs. And you know what? I’m grateful to have had that detour down the wrong path. More than giving me a degree to go along with my honorific ‘Grammar Nerd’ title, it provided me the assurance that creating is my passion. 

With this in mind, I would love nothing more than to create something for you.  Whether you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, or just an inkling of what could be, I’m here to bring your idea to life.  

Drop me a line, and let’s start that conversation.